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The primary objective of the company is to source niche; high quality, organic and pesticide free food ingredients from the best of Asian Suppliers and make them available to a wide network of worldwide audience.

Today we are seeing an increase in cancers and other illness, which are primarily arising from adulterated food ingredients. The best possible way to address is to control the supply chain from the source and ensure that the product reaches the consumers in the purest form.

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Hydroponics and Vertical farming as well which is the latest farming technology ensuring a complete controlled environment to farm produce while saving the environment from harmful chemicals in the long term.

Payments & Compliance

Brama takes compliance very seriously and to ensure that our company is not distracted by disruptions caused by any non-compliances arising from different stakeholders. We have a rigorous compliance policy, which all existing & new business partners must follow. Some of the key points are listed as below:

Quality Control

To ensure that the produce is preserved from farms to end customers, Brama uses a network of representative offices in its key sourcing hubs with on the ground quality inspection personals that ensure that the products are procured with the same standards as the initial contract terms. Factories are shortlisted initially based on the certifications they hold such as BRC, HACCP, USDA and EU organic approved certifications.

Hydroponics Farming

Herbivore Farms is an example of a newly popular and successful type of urban farming—hydroponics. Simply put, it is growing plants in water. Soil is replaced by a water solution that is rich in macronutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium nitrate and micronutrients like manganese, zinc etc. A ‘grow system’ controls the balance of nutrition, humidity and temperature, uses less water than soil-based farming and increases yield without chemicals or pesticides.

Our Team

The Great People Behind Mondet.

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